Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NEVROC Laconia - Setup

The Laconia Motorcycle Classic has been held in New Hampshire for 89 years now.  Sandy and I checked it out back in 1978 and 1979 but didn't attend again until we discovered the New England VROC contingent was holding their major gathering here every summer.  Well attended by the northeastern members, it doesn't attract too many from afar.  Exceptions include Sherm, EZ, Scooter, Scotty and a few others who have visited over the years.  Sandy and I usually get here every second year or so.

The NEVROC Kaw Pasture is located at the Lazy River Campground near Epsom, away from the hotbed of activity at Weirs Beach.  Primarily a camping rally, most set up here although a few get motel rooms at places like the Northwood.  As mentioned yesterday, we are between camping options and are staying with Ol' Phart Joe and Karen in nearby Pembroke for the duration.

We woke to rain this morning.  The Weather Channel promised that this would pass by the end of the day and that we would have great weather for the rest of the gathering.  I hope the weatherman doesn't weigh too much because I trust him about as far as I can throw him.  I finished yesterday's blog post and then Karen made an excellent frittata for breakfast.  There was also some special marmalade made by an outfit someone I know might be interested in.

How about this, Gord?

After breakfast, Joe spent some quality time with Bonnie, their green feathered housemate.  Then he gave me a tour of his woodworking shop where he makes some amazing things. One of his wood sources is the firewood he buys which, unknown to the vendor, contains some very beautiful (and otherwise expensive) Tiger Maple.  He also has some Birdseye Maple, along with other fine woods. The items he makes, often boxes with unusual grains and textures, have intricate joints that are perfectly finished.

Ol' Phart Joe and Bonnie

Joe's woodworking shop

Pull out the drawer and the top rolls up

Near noon, Joe and I jumped in the Avalanche and headed to the campground to help with the setup.  On the way in, we encountered Brother Bear and Steve heading out for lunch.  Since they were the other half of the setup crew, we joined them at The Circle Restaurant where I had a bowl of cream of potato and bacon soup.  After the rain eased somewhat, we returned to Lazy River to get the job done.

The job at hand consisted of setting up three shelters.  One was an EZ-Up that had been donate years ago by Kawasaki.  The other two, much larger, weren't.  They consisted of collections of poles, tarps and bungy ball fasteners. Someone had marked the poles with matching tape which gave us a starting point. It only took an hour and one more rain shower to get it all set up.

Brother Bear, Steve and Joe
Which way is up???

After the setup, we took a walk over to look at Brother Bear's new six cylinder BMW.  The K 1600 GTL is a whole new thing from the Bavarians featuring a raft of features and 160 HP.  This is absolutely awesome when you consider the GoldWing "only" pumps out about 104.  This is a great machine for someone who now loves and searches out twisty roads.

Brother Bear's Beemer

Just as Joe and I were preparing to leave for the house, we saw a large Dutch Star diesel pusher motorhome wheel in.  Wyoming plates, it was Laconia regular Cheyenne Dave and his wife just in from the wild west.  They towed a trailer with a 1975 MGB and Dave's trusty Drifter on it.  We talked for a bit and then headed home.

Joe talks to Mr. & Mrs. Cheyenne Dave

Back at the house, I caught up on photos and blog while Joe took a nap. It was hard work today for an old guy:-)  Then he put some Kielbasa sausage on the grill for supper while Karen made a mixed vegetable dish. It made for a very tasty supper.

The pause that refreshes

Chef at work
After supper, Sandy and I went over to the Lazy River to see if Lucky Al had arrived from New Jersey.  Not only was Al not there, B. Bear and Steve were missing as well along with Steve's rented truck.  We stopped in and visited with Cheyenne Dave and his wife in their 38' motor home.

Then we saw Brother B. return so we tracked him down and found Steve was back as well.  We took care of a few items of business and confirmed supper tomorrow would be at The Longhorn.  Al had come in as well so we chatted for a bit, aware that Joe had said I couldn't stop for just a couple of minutes.  OK, he was right.

Don, Lucky Al (behind Sandy), Steve and Brother Bear

Back at the house, we took our boots and other gear inside because we ride tomorrow.  The only drawback tonight was that someone at Joe's had annoyed a skunk and it smelled pretty pungent in the humid evening air.  Joe and I discussed possible ride routes for tomorrow after we visit PROLine Trailers in Milton (planning Stage II of the new strategy)..

Lazy River Campground Kaw Pasture:
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