Tuesday, June 05, 2012

RV For Sale

The next phase of our new travel strategy is to sell the motorhome.

Sandy's brother Malcolm has been visiting and introduced her to Kijiji.  She managed to sell a couple of camp stoves and, indirectly, a pair of motorcycle gloves.  So now I have listed the RV.  In addition, I created a blog for things we will be selling and have added it there.

As a side note, when I created this blog it gave me a blogspot.ca address.  I'm not sure when it started assigning blogs to .ca but that will give me one more thing to have to remember in the future.

It looks like a buyer's market.  I set the price based on what Cruise Canada is currently asking for this year/model/mileage and added 50% of the cost of the additions we did (TV/antenna, backup camera, ladder, awning, tire pressure monitors, etc.).  This gave me a price of $31,500 but I have a feeling that, based on other units listed, this may not attract many buyers.

I have seen people bemoaning the fact that they have had RV's for sale for one or two years with no takers.  This tells me that they aren't willing to accept that something is worth just what someone else is willing to pay for it and no more. We are already losing at the price I have set but, if it doesn't generate inquiries in a reasonable space of time, the price will becoming down.  I intend to be a motivated seller.

I will also be listing the 2003 Caravan but need to resolve a couple of issues around whether it will be sold with a mechanical fitness certificate or 'as is'.  That decision will be made after the Laconia trip.

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