Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Corolla North Carolina - OBX Day 2

We were able to hear the wind every time we woke up last night. In what seemed to be a trend to rising later and later, we didn't roll out of bed until 8:00 AM. Although it was supposed to be a do-it-yourself breakfast morning, Brenda made me a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs while I worked on yesterday's blog. Linda was fighting with her WiFi speed but my Speedtest showed 50 megabits down and 5 up, so it wasn't the provider here at the house.

The surf and wind were up and spray coated the windows. Linda and I walked down to the beach. Between the spray and a light rain, I was soaked by the time I got back and had to change clothes. Her original plan for today was for us to drive to the south tip of Hatteras and take the ferry to Ocracoke Island. The evacuations of Ocracoke and Hatteras yesterday nixed that thought, so she thought instead that we might drive a bit north to the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. After our beach adventure, we thought that might not be a good idea either.

However, around noon the sun came out so we decided we would take a look at the lighthouse and Historic Corolla Village. The four of us drove north in Bob and Linda's Subaru Legacy. We somehow missed the turn and ended up at the point where the road ends and the dunes (where the wild horses live) begin. Retracing our steps, we found what we were looking for. By the way, the local pronunciation seems to be Coe-RAW-la, unlike the Toyota.

We walked around the lighthouse, the historic village and the Sound before driving down Whale Head, where we walked the grounds.

Arriving in Historic Corolla

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign......

We did not pay $10 to abuse our legs

250 steps to the top

Billy Bob looking relaxed

Several fishing boats inside

Like a community bulletin board

This is now a functioning charter school

Classes were in session

We're hoping to see horses later in the week

Book store

Looks like asking $750K

The pastor opened the door for us

Nautical stained glass

Atlantic Tree Experts

Boardwalk to The Sound

Long walk


We wondered about the reeds

They shouldn't be here

Neither should other things

Canada geese here

Whale Head Bay

The lighthouse is a landmark

We moved down the road a bit

A very pretty place

With some Canadian hardware

The Whalehead Club

The historic bridge

Bad cast?

The boathouse

A picnic looking for people

Live oaks extend from coast to coast in the south

Strange trees

We are staying in the Pine Island Community of Corolla

We are in the Flight of Fantasy House

With no rain, we decided to revisit the beach. The seas were still angry and we watched them build up as we watched. Rabbi sent word that they were back on the OBX at his in-laws' place in Kitty Hawk, after having evacuated from Salvo earlier in the week.

Windblown Sandy

Brave Linda

A family walk on the beach

Eric and Alexis had picked up a jigsaw puzzle of the USA. They started it but almost everybody pitched in at some time or other. It claimed to be a 1,000 piece puzzle but it turned out to only contain 999. Still, they got it finished (all but one piece) before supper.

Brenda, Sandy, Denise and Nick

It's done

It was educational

Nick and Wrigley playing around

Jasper, a friend of Eric and Alexis, arrived during the day. After a degree in economics and a job in banking, he decided to change careers and was now an executive chef. Supper started with shrimp ceviche with a main course of chicken, ribs, a sweet potato concoction and something made with lemons and limes. Dessert, which I totally broke my own rules and enjoyed, was blueberry pie with ice cream.

Chef Jason

Eric checking the chicken

Shrimp ceviche

Dinner is served

Sandy looks happy

After supper, Eric led the ladies in a game of Tenzi. Bob and I watched as the game progressed. Raucously. Everyone seemed to be having fun.

 Full contact Tenzi?

Eventually, I dozed off and woke up to Sandy suggesting we should retire for the night. It was 11:00 PM when I hauled myself upstairs and settled in for the night.

Today's Route (19 Subaru miles):

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