Thursday, September 14, 2017

Eureka Springs - A Lazy Day

We were up by 8:00 AM. It was clear but a bit cool this morning according to a certain Arizonian (but I found it quite comfortable) and was forecast to warm up as the day went on. Facebook memories brought up a photo of Sandy, Sherm and I wearing our Route 66 tie-dyed T-shirts two years ago. We were, coincidentally, wearing the same shirts today.
Jamey T told me his Google phone was loading Android 8 aka Oreo. I checked mine and found it was available but I will wait until I get home to install it.

Coyote wasn't looking for a buffet so he and I headed for The Filling Station for a la carte fare. Cargo and Lanny joined us but, before we ordered, Lanny and I convinced Cargo that he really wanted to try the buffet at the Gazebo. The two of them took their leave. I had another great ham steak with scrambled eggs and ordered a side of bacon. Coyote and I had a good talk on a number of topics. I value his opinion on the important things about as greatly as anyone else I know.

Chuck and Julie, the Stonegate owners, came in soon after we did. Chuck told us he had spent the evening with certain of our night owls and had not gotten home until 3:00 AM. He seemed somewhat the worse for wear today.

My low carb breakfast

Back at the Inn, Sherm and the Texas ladies had ridden out to take some pictures. Rick V left to guide a group to the Oark General Store. I had considered riding with them but we finally decided to take a down day and catch up on blogs, bills and other details. Coyote and I helped Bucky load her Vulcan into her trailer. She had not been feeling well on this trip and decided to go home tomorrow. Lanny and Cheap B set out on one of their twisty road adventure rides.

Coyote helping Bucky tie down


Cheap B waiting while Lanny programs their route

Love the tag

Lanny's version of ATGATT

And they're off

I had this feeling I was being watched

Liz and Watchman arrive from Missouri

Laura's Bill takes Hang to the hospital to see Zeke

Sherm and the ladies got back from their photo shoot. Sandy and I skipped down to McDonald's where she had a smoothie and a hamburger while I stuck to the grilled chicken bacon ranch salad. Word came that Zeke wanted us to take food photos for him at the dinner tonight because they were keeping him in hospital one more day for observation.

Miller arrives on his new BMW

Jamey T is happy to have another Bavarian bike in the lot

Lanny and Miller discuss bikes

Trouble and a shy Denise (claiming helmet hair)

The hair looks just fine

Butch and Cleve kicking back

Laura and Gambler had organized the traditional Meet And Greet dinner at the Forest Hill Restaurant just around the corner. Some folks walked while others of us rode. There was, after all, one good corner between here and there. Sherm gave Hang a ride on the Burgman because Zeke was still in hospital. Laura had collected cash ahead of time so we would not be inconvenienced with individual bills when it was all over. They had the private room reserved for us and we took up all of it with almost fifty people.

Forest Hill Restaurant - Eureka Springs Arkansas

Bucky, Coyote, Sandy, Hang, Sherm

Lucky Al, Wolf, Gambler, Bubbles

Cheap B, Butch, Teresa, Wanda, Lanny

Sheila, Brandon, Okie's Lady (I'm sorry, faulty memory) , Okie Smoke

Mrs. Braz, Braz, Margot, Hot Sauce

Sharon, Ice Cream, Bill, Laura

Cargo, Cassie

Hancock, Clyde, Cleve

Debbie, Kay, Vickie, Magellan

Teresa, Rick, Amanda, Rusty, Watchman, Liz

Look who was first in line again!


More salads

Salad lover

Hot food

More hot food

My low (no) carb plate

After supper, the group adjourned to the hotel for an evening of socializing.

Cargo and Hot Sauce relaxing

Sheila and Okie Smoke

Lucky Al, Ice Cream, Sharon, Hang

A few of us headed out to the Ozark Mountain Hoe-Down Theater for the 8:00 PM show. This has been a long standing tradition since back when we went to see the George Brothers and the lovely Leslie Wright performing there. The shows now are produced by Mike Nichols, accompanied by some very talented performers.

There were ten of us. Six, including Sandy and I, sat in the very front row. The other four sat immediately behind us. The performance was a little interactive, but, luckily, "Elvis" serenaded a lady from Hinton, Oklahoma who was sitting right next to our group. Although we got mentioned, we came away unscathed.

Picking up our tickets

Watchman & Liz

Mike Nichols

Rick McEwen

Natalie Nicole

Natalie and Dino Strunk

Dino had short legs but he could sure play and sing well

Andy Oberg was also an amazing player and singer

Then there was Cousin Bubba

One of Mike's characters introducing the stars

"Johnny Cash"

"Marty Robbins"



"Waylon AND Willie"


"Dolly and Kenny" - Islands In The Stream

The Kings River Trio singing gospel

We enjoyed the show a great deal. The time flew by for me and we were soon out in the parking lot firing the bikes up for the ride back to Stonegate. In the parking lot, I had a drink of bourbon and branch water (OK, it was tap water) and then a glass of 1800 tequila and margarita mix that Cheap B had put out for communal consumption. I wandered the lot until 11:00 when I realized that my roommates had already retired, so I joined them.

It was a lazy day with no rides of any significance, but I enjoyed it. The feeling of camaraderie and family is what keeps us coming back year after year.

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