Sunday, September 03, 2017

Grayling Michigan to Sherman Illinois

It was still dark at 5:30 AM when we got up in Grayling. We could smell eau de skunk in the air as we took the overnight bags out to the car. Then we hunted down the buffet breakfast in a pseudo log cabin in the huge indoor atrium where the pool, hot tub and games rooms were located. Sandy said it reminded her of Disney World.

I used my high speed 12 volt compressor to air the tires back up to the requisite 35 PSI and then we hit the road just after 7:00 AM.

That's who were reuniting here

We followed secondary roads across Michigan to US 131 South and then took I-194 on south past Holland (wave to Ray and Lisa). The tire vibration wasn't too bad as long as I didn't go more than 60 MPH.

M55 was so straight that this little bend required all these signs

I have no idea what they were building here

There were two things of significance this morning. My 4 hour blood sugar was 5.7. I can't remember the last time it was under 6.0. And I discovered that they changed the way Slim Jim Beef and Cheese packages open. They used to peel apart easily at the corner. I could do it with gloves which is why I preferred them to Jack Links when riding. Now they don't peel. They have an arrow pointing to the middle of the top which, if you tear it, does not peel the packaging back evenly. By the time I got one open, I had lost the wish to enjoy it. STOP FIXING THINGS THAT AREN'T BROKE1111111

Indiana wants me (just after noon)

I-94 long weekend traffic

Illinois an hour later

The say my EZ Pass is compatible with I-Pass - I hope so

It was 82 F as we reached Joliet, Illinois and turned south on I-55. From here on, we were driving straight into a headwind as we proceeded southwest.

Crossing the Des Plaines River in Joliet

Des Plaines River

We stopped at Dwight, Illinois and fueled at a Love's. Then we followed a side road into town, paralleling an old, broken stretch of the original Route 66. In what passed for the town, we stopped at the Old Route 66 Family Restaurant for lunch. Despite it being 2:00 PM, the place was packed. The food was excellent, too. Sandy had a bowl of cream of chicken rice soup that was mostly chicken and rice with very little soup. I had a cup of the same and some of the best coleslaw I have ever had. This accompanied my usual mushroom/Swiss burger without the bun. It was even better than yesterday's with heaps of perfectly sauteed mushrooms.

Dwight Illinois

Old Route 66

This sure caught my eye

The specials look good

For my old friend Vic

Spectacular sides

This was enough to satisfy Sandy

Lots of mushrooms

Mother Road murals

We continued southwest through flat cornfields. The terrain reminded me of Saskatchewan, where you could still see your dog three days after he ran away from home.

Wind farm near Bloomington Illinois

Union Pacific territory

Funk's Grove on Old Route 66

Zeke says I can't criticize Honest Abe in Illinois

We arrived in Sherman, Illinois, a bedroom community outside Springfield, where Zeke, Hang and Tabitha the cat greeted us warmly. They took us out for supper at Smokey Bones in Springfield. The Springfield Mile flat track motorcycle races were on this weekend so bikes were everywhere and the restaurant was packed with people wearing Harley Davidson shirts and paraphernalia. I was wearing a golf hat with a Thai beer shirt and the bikers kept calling me Sir. I guess I looked like The Man. The brisket was great and the steamed broccoli had an especially good flavour. Sandy had pulled pork and said it was delicious.

Zeke and Hang waiting for us

Smokey Bones - Springfield Illinois

Waiting for our table

A fine looking group

We didn't have this one

Brisket, broccoli and beans - alliteration, anyone?

Sandy enjoying the hand pulled pork

Back at the house, Hang had baked an excellent pie. They put a candle in it and wished me an early Happy Birthday. I tried to blow the candle out without spitting on the pie. I think I succeeded. Then I watched the three of them eat pie and ice cream. If my willpower didn't crack here, I think I have a handle on it.

Happy Birthday to me

I am enjoying vicariously

We turned in early since Zeke and I needed to be up early in the morning to take the Equinox to WalMart to see about fixing the tire issue. In preparation, I backed the trailer into the driveway and disconnected it before we went to bed.

Today's Route (492 Equinox miles):

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