Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We've Had Better Days

Barrie Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

There are some days I make decisions that don't work out for the best. Deciding to stay in Barrie last night, rather than ride the rest of the way home in the light rain, was one of them. The idea was that, even if today was a little cool or raining, it would be better than running at night. Wrong.

We didn't wake particularly early because it was only 180 miles home. When we did, it was 15C and almost raining. After breakfast and packing, we got on the road about 8:30. By this time, the temperature had dropped to 12C and a light rain had started. No big deal, we had the rain gear on and Sandy was wearing her electric jacket liner.

As we moved north, the rain picked up some under a steady grey sky. The temperature readout on the Wing panel counted down the temperature as it cooled off. With only a fast gas stop at Waubaushene, we arrived at the Sudbury city limits at 11:30. By now, the gauge was reading 3C, the rain was steady and patches of hail were hitting my face like fiery needles. My water resistant boots and gloves were soaked and my hands and feet were in considerable pain.

I've had worse rides, but it's been a while. Wet and cold, when taken separately, are no big problem. Put them together and you end up with a severe level of discomfort. On the plus side, Sandy's boots held out the water. This was probably due to the waterproofing goop she's been applying. I'll be using some of this before the next trip. But you need the bad days to make you appreciate the good ones. I know I've said this before, but it's true.

We'll be home for a week before leaving for Laconia, New Hampshire next Tuesday with Gary Lamarche. I need to replace the worn trailer tires and get some chores done before heading out again. Until then, I hope all of you that follow this Blog are having a great summer.

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