Friday, July 23, 2010

Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Dave and I got up late but made it to our lawyer's office for our 10:00 AM meeting. We got all the documentation related to the house sale and Elaine assured us the remaining outstanding items would be cleared up shortly.

After the meeting, we stopped at the Bushplane Heritage Museum and checked the parking lot to see if we could find the sidestand foot Brad had left here earlier in the month. No luck, someone probably picked it up. Then we stopped at Metro to get some groceries. Dave had ordered wrap and dessert trays for after tomorrow's memorial and we would pick them up later.

For lunch, we went by the Burger King where Dave wanted to try the Angry Whopper. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Angry Onion Rings that were supposed to go on the sandwich and tried to give him what amounted to a regular Whopper. When he asked for his money back, the girl behind the counter had the gall to try and argue with him. I don't expect he will be back in BK for some time.

Sandy left Sudbury about 2:00 PM with Heather, who had just arrived from Waterloo. This would be a long day for her. Dave did some cleaning and arranging while I sorted out some of the estate paperwork. Debbie, an old flame of Dave's and friend of the family, stopped by and we swapped stories and looked at photos from the many albums.

Sandy and Heather arrived a little after 6:00. We went over to the Comfort Inn and got checked in. Because of the Finn Fest, it was full and a regular room was going for $139. Good thing that, even at that price, I had made reservations. It does amaze me what Canadian hotels get for a room considering a nicer Comfort Inn just across the river goes for $71.

We had supper at Arby's and then went out to Greenwood Cemetery where we found the headstone had been replaced as promised and the hole for the ashes had been dug. Then we went back to the house for a while.

John from London, who is like another brother to us, and his son Jesse stopped by about 10:30. They had started from London this morning but encountered van problems and didn't finally get away until 1:30. Then they got stuck for two hours on the Bluewater Bridge between Sarnia while Homeland Security made sure that they kept the USA safe.

Sandy and Heather had gone back to the hotel earlier so John dropped me off there about midnight as Dave headed to the airport to pick up Suechick, his good friend from the snowboard world. The snowboarders have a forum called Easyloungin', which is very similar cameraderiewise to VROC and Sue flew up to Toronto to offer him support.

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