Friday, July 02, 2010

Our Week With Kim and Jolene

Having gotten home on Wednesday the 23rd, we took an off day to get things in order and, after mailing the defective GPS off to the repair facility, we left Friday morning for the Cambridge/Waterloo area to pick up daughter Kim and 1 1/2 year old granddaughter Jolene and bring them back to Sudbury for a visit. Son-in-law Mike had a week off and would be painting their house.

Friday night, we helped other daughter Heather and son-in-law move some furniture since they are about to list their condo as the first step to buying a new home in Woodstock.

Saturday, we picked up the two visitors, loaded the van with baby things and headed north. Jolene was probably the happiest baby I have ever seen. She didn't complain at all on the drive north.

During the almost a week with us, Jolene continued to stay happy except when it was time to lay down for a nap or go to sleep. Then she complained a bit. We took her to the playground down the street where she enjoyed the swing and slide. We also took her to a Freedom Riders supper at the Windy Lake Motel and to Science North.

Jolene Around The House

Sleepy girl and her bear

Lunch time

Come sit with me

Treehouse television

Jolene at Science North

Now this is a big bear

Nice kitty

Are you sure Superman got started this way?

No really, this isn't Daddy

Never turn your back on a dinosaur

Mike surprised them by coming up a day early. He arrived on Thursday much to the joy of his daughter. The next day, they loaded their van up with all the gear and headed for home.

It was fun having them visit but we know now that we would never be up to having more little kids around the house. Sandy and I admire Kim and Mike for their dedication to their family and the way they are raising Jolene, the perfect graddaughter.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Jolene. Science North looks like a fun place.