Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sudbury Ontario to Sault Ste Marie Ontario

It's Thursday and we've been home almost a week. I haven't accomplished much of anything and now it's time to head to Sault Ste Marie. Saturday, friends and family will gather to remember Mom as we bury her ashes in the family plot at Greenwood Cemetery and brother Dave and I have a few details to take care of beforehand.

Prior to leaving, I had a few details to take care of regarding both the installation of a new furnace and air conditioner we are having done next week and getting the quote for the repair of the broken GPS to the warranty company. Actually, the fix is to replace it with a refurbished unit for $180 plus shipping and taxes.

I finally left town about 10:00 AM on the bike. Sandy will follow tomorrow in the van with Heather, who will be driving up from Waterloo in the morning while Kim, Mike and Jolene are driving up through Michigan and will arrive Saturday morning. It was 22C and overcast as I hit the highway.

Traffic was busy on Highway 17 with lines following people who thought the 90 KPH speed limit was a good idea. With steady oncoming traffic, passing wasn't an option for cars except in the passing lanes that occur every so often. The bike, however, was able to make use of every little opening in the traffic and I wasn't held up very long by anyone.

Near Cutler, the cell phone rang and, making use of the Bluetooth hands free setup on the bike, I answered. It was a girl from the warranty company telling me that they would be sending me a cheque covering the cost of the refurbished GPS plus the taxes and handling. Now I will have two Zumo 550's and will sell the older one. Maybe I will sell both and get a new 665. We'll see.

I stopped in Blind River for coffee and a muffin. It was also time to put the panels back on the jacket because the chilly damp air through the mesh was getting a little annoying. From Blind River to the Soo, traffic eased up and I cruised along easily at 18 KPH over the limit. I arrived at Dave's house (formerly Mom's) about 1:35 PM.

I did make a run to the ARCH Hospice to make my overdue donation in Mom's memory. Then I checked out the plot at the cemetery where I found the headstone had not been reinstalled yet after being cleaned and having the last date inscribed. A quick stop at Eternal Monuments and I was assured it would be in place by tomorrow afternoon.

Dave and I sat around for quite a while swapping stories before turning in late.

Today's Route (200 Miles):

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Tom said...

Really sorry that I couldn't be there this weekend. My thoughts are with you and the entire family as you remember Midge.

Tom said...

Really sorry that I couldn't be there this weekend. My thoughts are with you and the entire family as you remember Midge.