Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trip Summary

Days on the road - 22

Distance traveled - 10,747 Kms (6,678 miles)

Fuel fill ups - 43

US Gallons consumed - 168

MP(US)G - 40.9 (better than the average 38.9 highway recorded over the life of the bike)

Mileage on bike at end of trip - 211,913 Kms (131,683 miles)

Why am I getting better mileage with the stock air filter than I did with the K&N?

I have finally realized how much I hate Interstate running. Before we turned for home on Sunday, the longest day we had done was 402 miles. Coming back, we averaged over 600 miles per day, but they weren't anywhere near as enjoyable as the slower days. This will affect my future planning as I will leave more time to get anywhere. As my doctor says, I'm retired, what's my hurry?

It was a great trip, though. Saw many old friends and met some new ones. We have a week at home now with Kim and Jolene visiting and then we will be back out again for a couple of weeks with our July gang, Brother Bear, Laurie, Brad and Judy. We still have no idea where we are going but that is half the fun. And I am happy to have a woman I love that I can share this with.

Life is good.


Gordon Friedrich said...

Wonderful sentiments, Skid!
Did you forget something, BTW, when you dropped by to pick up your blanket?

Jim "Skid" Robinson said...

I surely did, Gord. I will fix that right away.

Gordon Friedrich said...


No problem. . .