Thursday, June 17, 2010

HSVROC Topaz Lake Nevada - Day 1

After getting settled and configuring the GPS, I settled down to get the blog entries for the last three days sorted out. While I did this, people started to arrive. Jamie T and Trouble arrived from their overnight in Lake Tahoe. Slots rolled in from the far away land of Reno. KC arrived on Sherm's old Wing. It wasn't going to be a large gathering but the folks who made it would be good people.

Jest, Phil and Mac Guy

SixPack, Randy, Sandy and Linda


Slots and Sixpack

Don providing instructions

After getting all the blog photos sorted and text written, we realized that there was no way that we would ever get even one picture uploaded, so Sandy and I jumped in the truck with Sherm and headed to the McDonalds in Minden. The staff was pretty awful there, but the WiFi signal was good and I got three days finished off while Sherm upload a whole raft of photos.

Back at Topaz, a bunch went to the bar to finish their complimentary drinks. I spent time visiting with those who didn't. Before long, we turned in expecting a great day tomorrow.

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