Saturday, June 12, 2010

WWR Cortez Day 3

While Sherm and Sandy were in the breakfast nook this morning, I went out to check out the weather. No sooner was I there than the black sky started dumping rain and hail on us. The lightning show was better than last night with some of the booms coming almost simultaneously with the flashes. Wahoo, the hot, dry spell was over.

Brillo's 'Vette with dandruff

At breakfast Ruth, the lady who looks after things in the nook, told me abbout how she retired from her job four years ago. Since then, she likes working here because she gets to meet people from all over the world. If you can't go to the world, let the world come to you. I like that.

Sandy and I (mostly Sandy) did laundry using the hotel facilities after we ate. We had run out of clean clothes and needed to get ready for the next week. By the time that was over, the dark clouds had passed on but the air was still cool. With clean clothes in the saddlebags, I took a bit of time to finish yesterday's blog post and get the receipts for the last five days in order.

Utemike admires the rainbow

The first clearing

Sherm, Sandy and I had thought about riding to Durango for lunch and posted it on the white board in the office. After considering the weather radar and the look of what might be behind the mesa, we decided to scrub the plan and eat here in town. Sure enough, about the time we took the truck to Blondie's, it started pouring again.

More white stuff fell after the blue sky left us

Blondie's was interesting. Sandy and I shared an excellent steak sandwich with mushrooms and beer battered fries. The front windows were open and they closed them by lowering the overhead garage doors.

Garage door windows at Blondie's

After lunch, we came back to the hotel where the rain let up and more blue sky came out. Sandy took a nap while I prowled the lot and Sherm loaded the Deuce up in anticipation of our leaving tomorrow morning. As he was finishing, more black clouds started sticking their heads up over the rim to the south of us. By 4:30, Sherm was napping too. I have to guess that the altitude is one factor tiring all of us out since Cortez is at 6,200 feet above sea level.

Sherm loading up with lots of supervision

The Rodeo Parade

The rodeo parade marched right past our hotel starting at 5:00 PM.  Supportive of our temporarily adopted town, VROC'ers gathered to watch and cheer.  There was a strong patriotic element to the floats, led my the Honeycutt offering with Ginny in the front seat of the truck.  Many of the displays were promoting election candidates for everything from senator to county clerk.  It wasn't a very long parade, though, and we were off to supper sooner than we expected.

Everybody loves a parade

The Honeycutt float

Support our troop with a Coastie flag

Blue Star Moms

Different Shriner vehicles

Any relation to Wrong Turn?

Not quite one horsepower

Studebaker pickup truck

This is original

Every rodeo needs cowgirls

The Group Supper

Trouble scoured Cortez looking for a place that could accommodate our whole crew for Saturday supper.  She finally settled on the Main Street Brewery & Restaurant within walking distance of the Super 8.  We adjourned to there as soon as the parade ended and filled up most of the tables, booths and the bar.  Because it was spread over two rooms, there was no chance for speeches.  Most of us figured that was a good thing.  I only have room for a few photos of the many people who were there.

Main Street Brewery & Restaurant

Sherm, Sandy and I shared a table with bar stools with Rogue. Sandy and I shared an order of lasagna and a Caesar salad while Sherm had sauerkraut and sausages. Ours was OK but his meal did not impress him very much.


Lots of happy supper people

Kristin and Tinker

Randy and Six Pack ordering

New member Velcro (Sue) and her friend Ken from Denver

The Raffle and beyond

After supper, we returned to the Super 8 Kaw Pasture for the raffle. Badge did a spectacular job selling tickets and he and Trouble assisted Teri of Kawasaki Accelerate Magazine with the drawing. Sandy and I won four hat/water bottle combos and she won a really nice Kawasaki hoodie.  She also won a special prize, ending up with the very same toilet seat cover she had abandoned in Lead:-)  Ice Cream won the 50/50 draw while the other half is being donated to a local no-kill animal shelter.

Trouble, Badger & Teri

Brian from Riders of Kawasaki

People waiting for their name to be drawn

More people waiting

Thank you Brian, Teri and Kawasaki for your continued support.

After the draw, a more mellow and somewhat wistful crowd hung out for a while and said their goodbyes. It didn't seem like anyone was staying up too late and I was in bed before 11:00.

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