Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kingman Arizona

We had good coffee this morning, made by Sherm and enjoyed on the back patio while watching hummingbirds. There is a tradition that whenever Canadians visit the Acords in the desert, it rains. And so it came to pass......

Morning rains

I worked on the blog from yesterday and then we unloaded the bikes before it got too hot. Too is a relative term since, back home, this would have already been too hot.

It is just warming up

We all drove over to the Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie in the Acord's new Accord. This is one nice car. Electronic everything although Sherm tells me he has shut off some of the autopilot/nanny devices. Kenny and Thelma met us at the hall where we enjoyed their Sunday breakfast. I had a large ham steak, scrambled eggs, hash browns, two biscuits and gravy and coffee for $5.50 all in. Best value of the trip so far. So much for my light eating plan. Sandy had pancakes with a side of bacon. 

Eating at the Eagles

Back at the house, we watched the NASCAR race from Loudon, New Hampshire. I watched the drivers on my Fantasy team get knocked out one by one. Nothing new there. Sherm did pretty well and jumped in the standings.

I tried to add some minutes to my Tracfone on line but the system declined two of my credit cards. I tried to call Visa but they were "experiencing higher than anticipated call volumes" and I gave up after burning several of my diminishing minutes on hold.

More rain while watching the NASCAR race

After the race, Sherm and I took the bikes and rode nine miles out Stockton Hill Road to the Crazy Horse Market, one of his usual haunts. It was 102 F when we left the house and a moderate 95 when we got to the store. Sherm's usual is a can of spicy V8 juice while I had a diet Dr. Pepper. We talked to Connie, the lady who owns the place and then sat outside enjoying the shade.

Crazy Horse Market

A well dressed post

I don't think this blind, diabetic dog stood a chance

The tree of  places

Rare picture of Sherm on the phone

From the store, we could see another rain cloud moving in. This one  was bigger than the ones earlier in the day and, as we rode back to town, we could see a couple of large dust devils between us and the rain. Eventually, the rain did get to the Acord home, driving the humidity up.

Rain coming our way

And getting closer

Dust devil

I was just taking it all in


And wet concrete

After the rains ended, we had a supper that Pat prepared consisting of chicken casserole, a jello salad and cucumbers. Afterwards, we loaded the lawn chairs in Sherm's truck and the four of us went to listen to music in the park. A local group called The Rivals was quite enthusiastic but wasn't quite our cup of tea. We had to sneak out and then headed for Maverik's for frozen yogurt.

Music in the park

The Rivals

When we got back to the house, there were still black clouds to the east. We watched a bit of TV and then called it a night.

The door to the Sherm Cave

The Hualapai Mountains at sunset

Just a note to let everyone know that my lofty plans for the big trailer appear to have been misguided. After a year of hauling it and occasionally ferrying friends' bikes with us, I have come to the conclusion that it is just too big. It really hits the fuel economy and is hard to find parking spaces for. I think a nice little 5 x 10 aluminum V-nose made by the same folks might be just what we need. We'll work this out on the way home and should have a plan of action by the time we get there.

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