Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trip Summary

Here are the key statistics for the trip.

Twenty-one days
5,853 truck/trailer miles - Average 10.9 MP(US)G
725 motorcycle miles - Average 36.6 MP(US)G

It may seem crazy to cover this kind of ground just for a few days riding with friends. But this is what we do and these aren't just any friends. We spent time with amazing people and saw some awesome roads and scenery. We'll do it again.

You will note that the mileage towing the big trailer was less than ideal. I had a plan and it looks like I didn't think it through. This unit pushes almost fifty square feet of frontage through the air, a lot of it beyond the hole punched by the truck. The ability to carry a second bike is nice but is costing too much. I think it is time we backtracked and got a smaller trailer.

I like the Pro-line construction, though. They make a nice 5 x 10 V-nose that only weighs 900 pounds. Towing our old 5 x 10 square nose Car-Mate gave us almost 14 MP(US)G and I have every reason to believe a lighter V that is six inches shorter will do better, leading to a probable 50% improvement in fuel economy. This unit is too narrow for our two cots, so it will probably mean going back to a tent for the two weekends we actually do camp. On the plus side, we have the truck and aren't limited by the size constraints associated with motorcycle travel.

The truck was making an unusual growling noise at low speeds. This just started recently and we'll see what the local shop says about it. It has been my experience that ignoring something like this will bite you later, usually at the most inconvenient moment.

Anyway,we are back and regrouping. The upcoming weekend is the 20th Annual Freedom Rally here in Sudbury. The next weekend is the VROC Interlochen Rally and then there is the MS Ride in Kitchener on the 25th. In September, we will be traveling to Eureka Springs, Arkansas which will probably be our final run of the regular season.


Cranky VROC 16804 said...

On that new "smaller" trailer, can Ya get a full length side piece, hinged a the top that would prop out/up, maybe extend a bit, and give Ya some shelter for camping? If on the leeward side, would help a lot!

Great blog! Thanks and hope to see you both down the road!!! Cranky

Dave Stambaugh said...

Those of us that share your addiction to VROC rallies and friends completely understand going that many miles for a few days. Most of us have done something similar. It was great seeing you guys and we're looking forward to seeing both of you at ES.