Monday, May 30, 2016

In between trips

We got in yesterday and don't leave again until June 16th when we head out to Taos, New Mexico.

The phone needs to go to PC Mobile to have the Canadian APN settings sorted out.

The motorcycle goes in this week for a recall to replace the secondary master cylinder.

The Equinox goes in for a regular service prior to the Taos trip, even though we won't be hauling the trailer.

The Kia, with very few kilometers on the clock, still needs to be serviced as well.

Grass is long and needs mowing and the sprinkler system needs to be opened for the summer. The first weed treatment hasn't been done and I need to look into that as well.

I want to get some golf played. More than some, actually.

Sandy's Mom's house needs some repairs on the outer window sills.

The Freedom Riders June Meeting and Club Bash will be taking place next weekend.

My To Do list also runneth over, so it will be a busy time from now until our next departure.

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