Friday, May 12, 2006

And Here We Go

It's been a little hectic this week. I brought Sandy home Tuesday after she and Heather spent ten days in Vancouver visiting her brother Malcolm and his girlfriend Jan. We then started to dig out our gear and try to figure what went where.

The plan was to leave yesterday so Wednesday we got the trailer out and set it up to air. I adjusted all the tire pressures. Unfortunately, after a long dry spell, a large low pressure system over Michigan started sending steady rain and high winds our way. Since we had planned to take four leisurely days to get to North Carolina, and since leisurely days and rain don't go well together, we put off leaving until today. It's still raining but it looks like we should run out of it. The target tonight is Niagara Falls. We'll still be at KSL on Sunday to see the SEVROC earlybirds.

It's time to pack the computer so I'll sign off now. The next post will be from the road.

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