Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Washington Pennsylvania to Wytheville Virginia

We never did get the High Speed Internet working last night so yesterday's post was done through dial-up. I hate dial-up.

A check of the bike this morning revealed that the coolant reservoir (under the engine and checked with a dipstick) was bone dry. This would have been a major factor with the overheating problems yesterday. I went next door to a gas bar and bought a jug of coolant. We then took some old water bottles and mixed up 50/50 coolant/water solutions. The reservoir was topped up and the rest were stored in the cooler. I need to remember that they are not green kool-aid.

For the first time I can remember, I got on I-70 going the wrong way. A mile from the W(BG)V border, we got off and looked at Plan B . Rather than backtrack through Washington, we went back to Claysville and took 231 south. This was an excellent little road winding through the hills. There was a part that was a tar and chip combination but it didn't last very long. We connected with 18 to Waynesburg where we did the Mickey D's breakfast.

We waved at I-79 and then started south on US-19. Again, we were winding our way up, down and around. The road was good, traffic was light and scenery was great. I'd recommend any of these for a fun ride.

Morgantown WV is a place I have only seen from the Interstate prior to today. This time we went right through town. It is a very nice place with aUniversity but the thing that caught our eye was a Walt Disney World style people mover car that came shooting past us. Here's a page I found on it: . I was impressed.

We continued on 19 towards Fairmont. At one point, we had to stop because a steel door, carried on top of an SUV, had come detached and smashed itself all over the road. It once had a lot of glass in it. By the time we reached Fairmont, it was noon, the temps were close to the 90's and we decided to jump on the big road to make it to Wytheville in a reasonable time. Getting on the big road was easier said than done, but we made it. The rest of the day was dodging roaring trucks and stopping often for water. Our best stop was a the DQ in Flatwoods.

We're at the KOA in Wytheville. The WiFi won't reach my site so I'm sitting on a swing in front of the office typing this. They delivered a fine pizza to our site earlier. It is a beautiful evening and there are NO BUGS.

Tomorrow we will probably cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway for a while.

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