Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Laid Back Day

We woke up late today. My head was much clearer but my lungs were tight and the coughing was dry.

I got a call from Rhonda at J&R in Wasaga first thing saying the bike was ready. Then I got a call from Scott Tapley saying he was just starting on the trailer so pick up would have to wait until tomorrow as originally planned.

The dentist was going to repair the broken tooth but I told him that if I started coughing in the middle of the procedure with all the implements in my mouth we'd all be in a lot of trouble. Besides, I told him that I was going along with his recommendation to have the tooth capped as soon as I was home long enough to get it done. That will probably be October. He ground down the sharp edges that have been cutting my tongue and I was good to go.

I got home and Sandy and I kicked back, caught up on some TV backlog and napped.

Let me just say a word about Little Caesar's pizza. A while back they came up with this idea of the Hot 'n Ready pizza. They have medium pepperoni pizza's ready to go in a heated rack. You can have one immediately $5.00. It looks like it caught on because they were selling like hotcakes when I went to pick one up. Now I see they have a Hot 'n Ready Canadian (pepperoni, mushrooms, bacon) for $7.00 and now wings for $5.00. The place was packed. Build a better mousetrap.........

It was a quiet evening and we went to bed early.

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