Saturday, May 20, 2006

Combermere Ontario - Cabin Bound

The weather was cold and wet this morning. After having breakfast, the powers that be decided that, for the first time in 18 years, the Saturday ride through the Ottawa Valley would be cancelled. Nobody protested the decision.

We moved from cabin to cabin throughout the day, visiting and catching up. Naps were frequent and it was a lazy day all around. Those of us in Cabin 17 joined the 15 crowd for a supper of fine venison burgers brought from Ohio by Rob and Jan. After the repast, everyone eventually gathered in the Round House. This structure has a fireplace in the centre and benches around the outside. The guitar players and sing along fans took charge and entertained while the rest of us listened and chatted. Some actually imbibed.

The party was in full swing at midnight when Sandy and I headed back to the cabin. In the old days, I would have felt an obligation to keep up my reputation and stayed up until dawn but I no longer feel the need. My bottle of Southern Comfort, kept in the cabin so I could break the seal in case of emergency, stayed right where it was.

Tomorrow, we’ll have to put the finishing touches on the Academy Awards puzzle challenge. It looks like we are doing well with it and I expect that Cabin 17 will place well in the competition.

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