Sunday, May 28, 2006

Last Day At Home For A While

I didn't post yesterday. I didn't do much yesterday to post about. We had coffee with Norm and Gary to compare plans on how we were getting to Custer. Then we picked up our various prescriptions at the pharmacy and got a few groceries. Then we looked at the list of things that had to be done and decided to watch TV instead. This meant that today a lot of things had to be done, so we got on it early.

The first thing today was good news on the VROC NG. Sherm has been removed from Intensive Care. This picture is Sherm riding The Dragon back on the 16th on Kokopelli. I know it says "proof" but the photo is in the process of being purchased so I feel justified in using it.

Later today, his daughter Angie said he was intensely trying to find a way to get access to one of the WiFi access points in the hospital. I expect to see him on line soon since he can be pretty persuasive.

Also, here is a picture of us in the same corner. There are several commercial outfits who take pictures of bikes riding The Dragon, post them on their websites and then sell them to riders who want a record of their ride. This is just one of 318 turns in the eleven mile stretch.

Anyway, the day dawned early. We started by having coffee in Val Caron with Gord and Shirley Bailey to discuss some Freedom Riders business, make our plans to rendezvous in Lake George NY in nine days and admire Gord's new Harley.

Returning home, I started posting ten days of bills to Quickbooks. It may seem an odd pastime, but I figure when a carpenter retires he sets up a little wood shop in the basement. As a retired accountant, I need a set of books to keep me amused. I then did all the May statements and a rally budget for the Freedom Riders and sent it out. Sandy and I drained the hot tub, since the Ph had gotten totally out of whack, and refilled it. We packed our clothes and gear and loaded the trailer so it is ready for hook up in the morning. Made some phone calls and did some arranging. This was all done to the backdrop of the Indy 500 and Coke 600.

I need to do some banking tomorrow morning and drop the books off with Terry Appleby, the Freedom Riders president. Some things still need to be stowed on the bike itself and it needs its pre-flight inspection, but I expect we will be on the road by 10:00. The destination for the day is Cambridge where we'll spend the evening visiting the kids.

Less than a week at home and I can't wait to get rolling again.

Oh yes, to any of Mom's friends from the reunion who look in on this, welcome. We'll have her at the 60th in Hamilton whatever it takes. A special hello to Elizabeth. Hope you are well.

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