Friday, May 26, 2006

Sudbury Ontario to Stayner Ontario And Back

With thoughts of Sherm heavy on my mind, I stopped by the doctor's office to get my BP meds renewed and then headed south for Wasaga Beach to get the trailer and the bike. Uneventful drive except for the dead cow moose lying on the side of the highway near the Killarney turn-off. At 20 kph over the limit, I wasn't passed by a single vehicle. People must be slowing down.

The four new anchor points Scott put into the trailer are perfect They will allow me to tie the bike down more easily and more solidly. The Wing was ready. I took a few moments to talk to Ed The English Mechanic about the work he did. I really like Ed's work. He checked the valves and all were in spec, did the nasty job of cleaning and re-oiling the K&N air filter, changed the oil and filter and did a full 50,000 km check. He also changed all the hydraulic fluids since they looked dirty. I was planning to do this next spring but now I shouldn't have to. Other than oil changes and tires, I should be good to go for another 50,000.

I loaded the bike into the trailer and proceeded north at a steady 100 kph. Now everybody was passing me, but pulling that barn door of a flat nosed trailer with the V-6 Caravan eats too much fuel if I speed up much more than that. I have learned to be patient.

After getting home without incident, I unloaded the bike, unhooked the trailer, checked the Newsgroup and then didn't do another single productive thing all evening.

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