Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fayetteville West Virginia to Kickstand Lodge

After we avoided the deluge by hiding out in the Mickey D’s in Virginia, the day went well. The weather was alternately threatening and very nice with some gusting winds. We took the little back road from Abingdon, Virginia that I found while going to races at Bristol Motor Speedway down to the track. Does it ever look different without 170,000 race fans jammed in there? From there, we headed down to Johnson City to catch I-26 to Asheville. The ride up over the ridge to North Carolina was pleasant and I was very happy to feel comfortable on the sweeping curves that used to give me the willies not so long ago. We stopped at the beautiful news NC Visitors’ Centre on the down slope and then passed the spot where the trailer accidentally deployed last year.

From Asheville, it was a short hop west on I-40 and then a ways down the Smokey Mountain Highway to Kickstand Lodge. As we came down the hill to the lodge entrance, I could see Kokopelli, Sherm’s blue GoldWing, next to the bunkhouse. He arrived a day early after making a hard run from Coos Bay, Oregon. Fred and Sherm were waiting by the office as we pulled in and it was greetings all around.

We found a site on the beautiful KSL grounds and set up. There was a group of riders here from Florida who will be heading home in the morning. It included Murray, a transplanted Canadian who has taken refuge in warmer climes for many years.

Fred and Mo continue to do wonders for the lodge. There are small cabins and a bunkhouse for those without camping gear and great grass areas for camping. Electric and water sites are spread throughout and Hairy the guard cat keeps an eye on all that goes on. At suppertime, a fine meal of pork tenderloin, a special concoction based on mashed potatoes, Caesar salad and French apple pie appeared to feed the masses. This is not an official service but rather a BBQ among friends. There is a donation bowl to allow those of us who enjoyed supper to cover the costs. It was the best meal we had since leaving home. KSL is more than just a camping spot. It is an experience.

As the sun went down, we adjourned to the fire pit where Fred has built benches since last year. We swapped tales and slowly people wandered off to their beds until just Mo and I were left. I hit the sack about 11:00 in a warm (thanks to the electric heater) trailer.

Tomorrow Sherm, Sandy and I are going to check out some of the great riding roads in the area.

It looks like the picture uploading part of Blogger isn't working right now so I'll try to get a few photos up later. Stay tuned.

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