Sunday, September 10, 2006

Guinea Pig Intros

While we were away, Heather's guinea pig Penny got her final shot for suspected mites and Heather cleaned the cage and all the related items. Now it was time to introduce her to Coco, the new pig.

For neutral ground, Heather fenced off the apartment hallway and we put one at each end. They ignored each other for a while but then closed in, playing peek-a-boo around Heather. Eventually, they got down to butt sniffing and we atched for any hostile signs. None. Coco ended up following Penny around like a caboose.

After a while, we put them both back into the large habitat. Although Coco avoided close contact with the larger Penny, they both went about the business of eating, drinking and generally running about without any confrontations. Watching guinea pigs is more fun than watching fish by a long shot. It looks ike they have a happy future together.

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