Saturday, September 16, 2006

Supper At The Inn

We sat down for dinner in the Sudbury Inn dining room at 7:15. They were seating groups in fifteen-minute intervals to reduce the load on the kitchen. We shared the table with Steve Cifra and his wife, Lost Bob and his wife and Ol’ Phart Joe. Sandy and I ordered veal Oscar and I had French onion soup to start. The meal was excellent and, by the time we were served, VROC people occupied almost all the tables.

Joe had one of the ladies from the Inn draw three tickets from the ones he gave out before the ride. The first won $200 to help defray the weekend expense. RiderMike aka Grimace (long story) and his wife Melissa, pictured here, won. Mike announced that half would be donated to cancer research in memory of Kegs. Classy move. The next two won $100 each.

After supper, we hung out for a short while. There was a Texas Hold’em poker tournament going on in the breakfast area while some of us stood outside chatting. Since we were pretty tired, Sandy and I headed up to our room about 9:30 and turned in almost at once.

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