Thursday, September 14, 2006

It Was A Dreary Day........

It was supposed to be sunny today according to yesterday’s Global TV forecast. The morning, however, didn’t dawn as fog and then cloud obscured the sun. After packing our gear, I pulled the bike out and checked the tire pressures and oil level. The bags were loaded and we set out shortly after 9:00. We didn’t get far. I’ve been complaining about the lack of work on the Regional Road 55 widening project. Now they are working and we were held up for about fifteen minutes as they blasted a section of rock cut and then had to use a loader to clear the rock and blasting mats off the roadway.

Under the grey skies, we finally headed out Highway 17 east. We made it to Sturgeon Falls before the McDonalds breakfast ended and had the usual. Then we were delayed several times by flag persons between there and North Bay. In North Bay, I’m sure they time the traffic lights on 17 so that someone traveling through will catch every red light. I know we did.

East of North Bay, there was nothing special to comment on except for many more construction zones with many flag persons. It looks like they are doing this whole highway at once. The high point was a car highballing the other way that drifted over the centre line into our lane. I evaded as he cut back to his own side. That got the adrenalin flowing for a while.

Near Pembroke, it started spitting a light rain. We stopped at the Big Irving for gas and continued towards Ottawa. Around Arnprior, the light rain turned to a heavier precipitation just as the sky lightened. This is typical for this type of weather. Then it stopped for a while. Rather than go through Ottawa on 417, I took 416 south towards 401. This was when the rain picked up again.

We stopped at a service centre on the 401 so I could check the detailed map. I got off at the Long Sault exit and followed Highway 2 into Cornwall, stopping at a small motel we stayed at two years ago. We ordered supper delivered from the King George and settled in for an evening of reading and TV. It is the first night of the new Survivor season. The forecast shows rain across New England tomorrow, contrary to previous forecasts, so the weather man is not my favourite person right now. In any case, it’s only about 255 miles to Bethel, so we’ll be there regardless of the weather.

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