Friday, May 25, 2007

Getting on the road

Sudbury to Cambridge, Ontario

Why do I always leave everything until the last minute? I guess I work better under pressure.

The morning saw me paying bills, doing odd jobs, changing the oil in the bike and, finally, packing. We did, despite the rush, get underway before 1:00 PM. Traffic was backed way up on our usual way out of town due to road construction, so we went through the city for a change.

It was 27C when we left wearing light gear. By the time we were 60 miles south, it had dropped to 15C and we stopped at Still River to add more layers. Southbound traffic was light but the northbound side was starting to jam up with people leaving the city. It wasn't very kind of me but all I could think of was lemmings.

Going through Still River, I thought about our friend Shawn Rae, an OPP constable. When I got to Cambridge, Normie had sent me a link to this article about him.

I played with the rear suspension for the proper setting with the trailer. Another of my character flaws is that I can never adjust by just one increment. It's like Goldilocks. Ten is too soft but 12 is too firm. Finally I get to 11 and it's just right. One trailer tire is worn badly on the inside half, probably from riding to and from Interlochen last year with a loose wheel bearing. I'll watch it and if it becomes too bad, I have the spare.

Cambridge had called for thunderstorms in the late afternoon but, despite the cold front, they never materialized. Kim and Mike were out with Heather and Tom for the evening, so we took it easy and then went to bed before it was too late.

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