Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Slow Day in Cambridge

Today, I planned to go riding with Heather. She and Tom arrived from his place about 10:00 AM. The rain got here about 10:30. After spending part of the morning watching Kim and Mike plant flowers in their back yard, it looked like the ride would be a washout.

We watched some TV. Mike has recorded Grand Ole Opry performances on his PVR and we watched some of them. Then we watched Fast Food Nation, a movie with so many agendas I got confused. The rain stopped, the sun came out and I suggested that now we could ride but it was late afternoon and Heather thought tomorrow morning might be better. After watching Kim and Mike spread cedar mulch around their new flowers, the six of us went out to the Beaver & Bulldog, a sports bar on Hespeler Road. Food was good and the server, Enis, was a hoot. Then we came back to the house and played Scene-It, a movie trivia game.

Everything wound down about 10:30 and it was an early bed-time for all.

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