Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cyclefest Poker Run Day

It was sunny again this morning. What a great trend to get into.

Today we had toast and coffee under the big rally tent. It was poker/observation run day, a staple of this rally. Heather and I used to compete in the observation run, a ride that has questions you need to answer based on things you see along the road. We have done quite well at it on occasion. This year, since she was riding her own bike, we only entered the poker run part. This involved games of skill and chance (often both) at checkpoints along the route. Tom rode behind me and navigated.

We pulled a letter for a score at the start, and then began by following Fred's group. After a problem with the directions in Elora that turned us around (curse you, Ian), I figured the group was stressing Heather and we went our own way. Tom was good at calling the turns and we found the first checkpoint with no problem. This test involved throwing stars at various sized hoops. I did OK, Tom did well and Heather missed. Since she only drew a 4 at the start, she figured she might be in the running for low score.

On the way to the next checkpoint, we stopped in Heidelberg for lunch. A number of other riders were at the same place and we sat next to Jeannie, Rich and Kenny from New York. I took the Ontario atlas and figured that the next checkpoint was in the same community centre parking lot in New Dundee where Heather did her practicing last fall. Rather than follow the route, I asked Stella to take us right there and she did via some little used back roads. The next test involved shooting foam darts from a pistol at various sized hoops. Again, Tom did well while Heather and I both tanked.

Since the last two checkpoints were at the finish, I asked Stella to take us straight back. What followed was a back street run through Kitchener the likes of which I have never seen before. But we got there without any problems. The last tests involved a bow and arrow and soccer balls. I did OK, Tom did OK and Heather kept her 4 intact.

I need to comment on Heather's riding. She hasn't done many miles because she only rides when I am around, but she did very well on the ride. I was impressed and some others commented favourably to me as well.

The family plus Maggie and Joe went to Crossroads for the supper buffet. After a 45 minute wait, we were seated and again ate more than we should have. But it was good. Then we headed back to the campground. Some went to the fire while others played 'dirty bingo'. Howard and his banjo, Eileen and her accordion and Lois and her guitar played requests, often by ear, and people sand along. I even did a solo of Me and Bobby McGee at one point while stone cold sober. Occasionally I scare myself. Most songs were trouble because everyone remembers the lyrics for the first stanza and then runs out of steam. We need song books for next year.

Tonight was earlier to bed. I headed in at 1:00 AM this time.

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