Thursday, July 02, 2009

Getting Ready Again

The bike is serviced and I just changed the oil and filter. We'll be off Saturday for a Sunday meeting with Ron (aka Brother Bear) & Laurie (from New Hampshire) and Brad & Judy (from Massachusetts) in Wellsboro Pennsylvania. We're not exactly sure where the roads will take us but the North Carolina/North Georgia mountains are looking good, perhaps using parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway going down and visiting the Carolina coast on the way back.

We rode with Ron, Laurie and Brad two years ago on the West (By God) Virginia wander and had a great time. This should be more of the same.

On another note, I found a site that lets people make maps of where they have ridden. It's . My maps look like this:

There are still a few places we have to go.


Anonymous said...

You are correct in saying that you still have a few places to go, with the emphasis on FEW!

Will you be staying in Wellsboro, or just passing through?

Tom said...

Wow! That really put me to shame. EPG seems to be what majority of people use but I decided to use I will now go and hide my measly map.