Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trip Summary

Elapsed time - 13 days
Distanced traveled - 5,440 kms (3,380 miles)
Fuel Mileage - 40.8 miles per US gallon (49.0 miles per Imperial gallon)
States and Provinces covered - 9
Total cost - To be determined
My weight gain - 2.8 lbs

I was really impressed with the Uni-go trailers. They did not impact fuel mileage at all, handled tricky roads with ease and more than doubled the carrying capacity.

The heating issue on the Wing in certain extreme circumstances bothers me. I know Ron's and Sherm's Wings don't have this problem. I will pursue the issue with R&L.

Traveling with Ron & Laurie and Brad & Judy is a lot of fun. It's different from our usual trips which involve a destination. We don't cover as many miles as usual but we seem to enjoy them more. And,as Laurie says, Ron and I share a mind;-))

Next time I go to the southeast, it will be either spring or fall.

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