Monday, June 06, 2011

Deadwood South Dakota - WWR5 Monday

Today is the anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Normandy in 1944.  Remember our soldiers and the sacrifices they made for us.

We were up at 6:00 AM, still functioning on Eastern time.  It was good to finally meet Condi, a VROC newsgroup regular that we had not crossed paths with until now.  Lucky Al rolled in before breakfast after covering 1,540 miles in 23:11 hours on his way in from New Jersey.  This qualifies him for a Bunburner Gold with the Iron Butt Association and Sherm and I were honoured to be the official witnesses of his arrival.

We had breakfast at the cafe here and Mal and Yvettes arrived from Lead as we were eating.  We sat around and talked for a while and then Serm and I took his Toyota truck to Lead to wash it.  Afterwards, we drove back to Deadwood via US 85, stopping to check out Whistler Gulch Campground.  We saw where Stewey was set up and found Hal (Redeemed) getting his campsite established.

Back at the hotel, we caught the green Deadwood Trolley and rode at around a lot  of its route before getting off and hitting the soup and salad bar at Tin Lizzie's Casino.  Then we walked back up the main street to Gold Country where we sat around and greeted the new arrivals as they rolled in. It was a very nice, warm, sunny day.

For supper, Mal, Yvette, Sherm, Sandy and I  headed up to Mad Man'z Pizza in Lead.  As we reached the top of the mountain, we saw black clouds coming our way.  Resigned to a wet ride back, we went inside and ordered food. Sherm was trying to track down a house in town that Mary Baker Eddy was associated with somewhere in Lead.  He asked a police officer who was getting supper and he took us next door to the local historian.  The gentleman directed us to the Glover House, a home Mrs. Eddy had built for her miner son George Washington Glover.  I also got talking to a local man and his wife outside the restaurant and found out that Dan had been Jamey's boss.

When we came out after supper, we found the rain clouds had split and gone either side of us.  Mal, Yvette and I rode back via 85 while Sherm and Sandy went looking for the Glover House.  Back at the hotel, we mingled in the parking  lot and turned in about 10:00 PM.

Skid's Photos

Hal (Redeemed)

Lucky Al finishes his Bunburner Gold

Lots of spare gas for the long run

Flamekiller rolls in wearing his custom riding pants

Sherm and a very tired Lucky Al

Yvette, Hal and Sandy

You can ride the loop as long as you want for a buck

Mal tries a different bike as  JR, Condi and Yvette look on

Lunch at Tin Lizzie's

Condi, Mal, Sherm and Lucky Al

Southern Draw, JR and Condi

Ronda and Stewey

Mal, Yvette and Lucky Al

Looks like Yummy's and has Pennsylvania plates, too

A Deadwood service worker?

The trolley on Main St.

Wompus on an alternative vehicle

Bucky has arrived

Trouble, Grampa D, Condi, JR and Sixpack Jack

Stockbridge Richard and Wompus

Mal, Sherm, Grampa D, JR, Sixpack and Condi

Kioti and RJ

Lucky Al, Yvette, Southern Draw and Rem at the registration table

Lucky Al and Yvette with armslengths of raffle tickets

Ev (Reverse) and Flamekiller

Rem and Reverse

Hal (Redeemed)

Our host Jamey T with his usual smile


kopperhed's new Vaquero

Rainman, Jamey T, Mal and Redeemed

Teri, John and Trouble

Bucky, Sandy, Sherm and Southern Draw

Big house in  Lead South Dakota

The local cop, the local historian and his wife

Wrong Turn and KT

Stewey and Cranky

Stewey, Cranky and Brillo

Mal, Jamey T, kopperhed, KT and Wrong Turn

Deb, Trouble and Sandy

Sandy's Photos

Southern Draw, Mal and Sherm on the trolley

The Pump House - a local Deadwood restaurant

Rolling green hills

A go-kart track on US 85 in Deadwood

I wonder how long you can stay parked?

The historic Franklin Hotel - Deadwood

Mustang Sally's - Deadwood

Southern Draw and JR - Tin Lizzie's - Deadwood

Malachi - Tin Lizzie's - Deadwood

Ronda and Stewey - Tin Lizzie's - Deadwood

Sherm, Yvette and Malachi - Tin Lizzie's - Deadwood

Malachi and Lucky Al - Tin Lizzie's - Deadwood

Me -  - Tin Lizzie's - Deadwood

The Glover House built for the son of Mary Baker Eddy - Lead

Blue deer in the Glover House yard

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