Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Deadwood South Dakota - WWR5 Tuesday

We were up early again this morning.  It was still sunny but the winds were very strong and the police had Main Street blocked between us and downtown due to a downed cable in the road.  It was either a TV or phone cable so there was no danger posed to life and limb, but they were guarding it diligently.  Sherm helped Rainman with a brake problem on his GoldWing and then we walked to the Pump House with Sherm, Mal and Yvette for breakfast.  Jamey rode and met us there.  I had biscuits and gravy while Sandy had an English muffin breakfast sandwich with very nice looking ham on it.

Kawasaki had their Vulcan Nation tour, a trailer with a series of demo bikes, in town and we went over to take a ride about noon.  I got to ride a pretty red Vaquero to Sturgis and back as part of the demo group.  The winds were swirling and I liked the bike's stability but it didn't have the power I am used to when I rolled on the throttle.

Back at the hotel, riders started to arrive in earnest.  In addition to many of the regulars, it was good to see Ace from Hamilton arrive with Maxxx and Marianne.  It's been too long since he's been out with the group.  We did spend some time watching a man use a gas operated weed whacker on the grass slope in front of the house across the street.  The house is at the top of a cliff and the yard man wasn't wearing a safety line but he did survive the experience.

At suppertime, a group of us decided to use our buffet discount coupons at the Silverado Casino down the street.  Unfortunately, the dining room was closed for remodeling so we had to look elsewhere.  We ended up at the buffet at the Gold Dust which was more than adequate. A few of us caught the trolley back to the hotel but those who chose to walk beat us.

As usual, everyone mingled in the parking lot.  The wind died down but the temperature also started to drop.  We found the heater in the room and turned in by 10:00 PM.

Pictures of the Day

Sherm helps Rainman with the GoldWing brakes

Sixpack is being a jack as he puts pressure on the trunk to elevate the front wheel

Malachi and Rem

Malachi expresses another insightful opinion

Stockbridge Richard watches Sixpack clean his windshield

Mal, Yvette, Sherm, Jamey T and Sandy at the Pump House

Sherm at the Pump House

The Pump House, a unique restaurant

The Vulcan Nation demo bikes

Big Ugly, Nikki and Sandy with a red Vaquero in the background

Cassie and Cuddles

Daley, Rainman and Kawaski's Channing at the Vulcan Nation

Lanny and Sherm discuss the finer points of something

Sixpack, Sandy, Marianne, Ace and Maxxx

VSP arrives from Stockton California

VSP and Sandy

Doug from Iowa and RJ

Jamey T and Kioti


Gambler's better half, Bubbles

Mongrel and his wife

Stonewall's two friends, Wompus and Maxxx


Leslie and Flying (or Flaming) Willie from Washington

Deb, Maxxx, Brillo, Ace and Marianne

Look closely and you can see the man with the weed whacker

VSP looks for a WiFi signal

The high tech Apple seems to be having a problem

Wrong Turn, Gambler, Bob and Kioti

The assembled multitude

Brandon, JR's son

Lon and Gail

Reverse, JR and Rem

Big Ugly and Nikki


Sixpack and Redeemed

Ryan from Iowa and the NoClassEak that Sherm built years ago

Disassembling the awning

Solo (Dave) from Colorado Springs has arrived

What is thee buffalo looking at

All is forgiven

Badger of Moscow Pennssylvania

Sandy, Sherm and Mean Susan



My roommates

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Gordon Friedrich said...

Great to see Ace back in the fold, Skid. Glad he, Maxxx and Mar made it okay !