Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Deadwood South Dakota - WWR5 Wednesday

It was cloudy and cold this morning signalling the official beginning of the WWR.  What a change from the last few days.  There were two rides going out today.  The first was a Ladies Only Ride and the other was billed as the Twisties Ride that would take in the Iron Mountain Road and the Needles Highway.  They were both on the road before I finished breakfast at the Gold Country Cafe.

Sherm and I thought about another demo ride but it started to drizzle and we, concerned we would melt if we got wet, decided on Plan B.  Unfortunately, the Twisties Ride stopped by Vulcan Nation and, to help the Kaw people get their number up, took a number of unplanned demo rides.  This caused them to be too late to finish the scheduled ride and they went through the Spearfish Canyon instead, promising they would do the original ride tomorrow.

The three of us jumped into Sherm's truck and drove to Deadwood where we made a stop at Sturgis Harley Davidson.  Then we went looking for the White Diamond metal polish Stewey had used to deface my front rim.  I felt the need to finish the job but nowhere in Sturgis could I find the magic product.  Unsuccessful with that, we drove to Spearfish and came back up through the Spearfish Canyon.  I was crosswise in the tiny back seat but enjoyed the scenery, at least the part I saw while I was awake.

Back at Gold Country, we picked up VSP and adjourned to the Pump House for lunch and some high speed WiFi.  A note to the wise.  VSP is an Apple person and very good at it but don't let him play with any kind of Windows machine.

Afterwards, we hung out in the parking lot at Gold Country sharing the camaraderie of the VROCers who didn't go on the rides.  After the riders were back, we walked down to the VFW Hall for hamburger night.   Then it was back to Gold Country for an evening of talking, drinking and hanging around.

Skid's Photos

Badger, Sherm, VSP and Sandy

Wompus, Condi, Bucky and Solo

Daley, Gone Mad Mike, Badger and Ace

Gone Mad, Rainman and Ace

Vicky, Flying Biker, Malachi and Yvette

Ryan, Nikki and Big Ugly

Jamey T, Trouble, Rem, Reverse and Mary Lou

kopperhed, John, Teri, Lucky Al and Flash

Daley and Ace

A portion of my rim cleaned by Stewey using White Diamond

The Twisty Ride set to go

Bucky and Solo


kopperhed and Gone Mad Mike

Stewey striking a pose

VSP getting a shot of Sherm's Hooligan shirt

Seen at the Sturgis Harley Davidson dealership

Sturgis HD

VSP, Sandy, JR, Gone Mad Mike and Ryan

Sherm, VSP (and the ever present Apple), Sandy and JR

Piper, Sherm and VSP

Sherm, VSP and Sandy getting WiFi at the Pump House

The Pump House lady

Sherm in the Pump House window

VSP, Vicky and Yvette

Ace watching Ryan work on the NoClassEak

Fireman's Memorial - Deadwood SD

Fireman's Memorial - Deadwood SD

JR, Condi, KT, Wrong Turn and Brandon at the VFW Hall for hamburger night

Redeemed, Vicky, Sandy, Lanny, Sherm, Lucky Al, Malachi, Yvette and Southern Draw at the VFW

Grandpa D, Trouble, Jamey T, Mary Lou and Mike

Lucky Al and Mean Susan explain they are NOT a couple

VSP looking for a little elevation

Lanny, Lucky Al, Susan, Mal, Flying Biker, Vicky, Sandy and Zeke

Sandy Photos

Vulcan Nation

The Vulcan Nation demo ride

Spearfish Canyon

More orange barrels

Spearfish Canyon

My cupcake crumbs on the floor at the Pump House

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