Thursday, June 23, 2011

Solvang California - Aebleskiver Thursday

Although we were entitled to a free pastry and coffee at Olsen's Danish Bakery across the street, we opted to first visit Paula's Pancake House next door for a full breakfast. I had two buckwheat pancakes with very light (top grade) maple syrup and a Danish sausage. The sausage was mild but full of flavour and the pancakes were light and fluffy. Then we stopped at Olsen's, picked up our complimentary continental breakfast and took it back to the room for later. The baked goods, by the way, were spectacular.

Jim lead a 200 mile ride out about 10:00 PM but Sherm, Sandy and I opted for a shorter route. We headed out of town on Mission Drive, which was also California 246, through Buellton and on to the Bank of America in Lompoc. Sherm needed some cash to pay for the unexpected Mean Streak purchase and I needed to wire money to Taiwan for some Freedom Rally pins. It was lucky Sherm was there because the bank would only wire money for someone with an account with them. I gave him the cash and he sent it.

We rode south out of Lompoc on Highway 1, winding through the hills to where it met Highway 101. I misunderstood a GPS instruction, failed to note the signage and we found ourselves heading the wrong way on 101. This was a freeway so a U-turn wasn't in the cards but it wasn't so bad. We saw an awesome canyon and stopped at a rest area where I talked politics with a couple visiting from Switzerland while Sherm did some more motorcycle cleaning. I may sell him the Wing for a week to get it cleaned up and then buy it back. Apparently, we just missed someone pulling a mountain lion carcass off the highway.

Out of the rest area, we continued south along the Pacific Ocean until we came to a turnaround. Crossing over, we headed back north to Buellton where we stopped at the NAPA store to see if Sherm could find a replacement marker light fixture for the trailer. Then we parked in downtown Solvang where we found Slots and VSP wandering around after having lunch. We checked out Del Sol, a place that sells items that change colour in sunlight but only give one promotional bag per hotel room (No bag for you!!). Then we ate aebleskivers, cooked like a light ball of doughnut dough and sprinkled with raspberry preserve and icing sugar. Ours was a la mode so we had ice cream on it as well. They come by threes but Sandy and I split one order.

Back at the hotel, Sherm left to wash the truck and famed motojournalist Teri, editor of Kawasaki's Accelerate Magazine, arrived from Maggie Valley. She had gone there after WWR5 in Deadwood and was even the only rider from the official Kawasaki contingent to complete the coast to coast ride by making a side trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Her ride was not without challenges, however, and we tried to offer some comfort as we listened to her recount the adventure and tribulations. Teri was the only one of the ROK or Vulcan Nation people to socialize and have a presence at the VROC activities this year. She does a great job representing Kawasaki but we have also come to consider her another member of our VROC family.

A J Spurs in Buellton was recommended to us for a plentiful supper so we rode the tree miles over there around sundown. Sherm, Teri, Sandy and I scored the first table and left the late arrivals to fend for themselves. Luckily, everyone was seated in different parts of the establishment in short order. This place reminded me of Basque Family Style Dining in that the menu is fixed except for your main entree item. First there was Vaquero soup (Teri was pleased with this since the new Kaw 1700 is called the Vaquero) with salsa and beans. Then they brought a salad. Finally, the entree arrived with rice pilaf and roast potatoes. My entree choice was a half rack of beef ribs. I pick up two ribs when i eat a Coopers in Llano, Texas. A J Spurs thinks that four make a good half rack. They must have a special plate for a full rack because my half took the entire plate. I finished two and took the other two home while Sandy took most of her spare ribs home as well.  The place is also noted for its menagerie of stuffed animals including a grizzly, a polar bear and a buffalo.

Leaving the restaurant, we found that it gets quite cool at night in the Solvang area. I loaned Sherm my mesh jacket, not that it helped him much, and rode back in a T-shirt. We hung out in the motel courtyard with the other early arrivals until it was time to turn in. On a positive note, the motel manager just bought a Kawasaki Voyager and was very receptive and attentive to our needs, adding much to the positive experience.

Today's Photos

My breakfast at Paula's Pancake House

Sherm's Danish pancake

Cat and Jim's new shirts

The gang deciding where (or if) to ride

Still working on it

Seen in Buellton

Colourful California agricultural tapestry

More colour

Still more

And yellows

And purple/violet

But nothing grows without water 

Lompoc seemed like a nice little town

They have funny trees here

Bank of America - Lompoc California

The BOA wall mural

Sherm says the new (to him) bike handles well

Highway 101

Highway 101

Swiss couple met in Highway 101 rest area

Pacific Ocean

I hate tunnels

Seen at a NAPA in Buellton

Solvang rapid transit

Or the lower horsepower model

We needed to try an Aebleskiver

Aebleskiver a la mode

Phil, Cranky, Einstein and VSP

Cat, Sandy and Slots


VSP and our server at A J Spurs

Teri found a friend at A J's

half rack of spare ribs

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