Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kingman Arizona to Santa Clarita California

Today was the first day of summer. Kingman celebrated by starting the day with blue skies and sunshine.

As we started to get ready to leave Kingman, the city decided to start oiling the street that starts right across from the house. I guess we won't go that way. Sandy packed the RV while I disconnected the water and power and stowed the leveling blocks and camp chairs. I pulled out through the gate and we hooked the trailer up. Then the bike was loaded and tied down. We were on the road by 7:40.

We headed west on I-40 to Exit 9 where we fueled at a Love's truck stop for $3.49 pergallon. We picked up breakfast to go at the Carl's Jr there where I am certain the girl behind the counter was under the influence of some illicit substance due to her spaced out smile and slow movements. But she was in a good mood and we finally got our food.

We crossed the Colorado River into Califormia and found that gas in Needles was $4.59 per gallon. That is a pretty steep hike for traveling 10 miles. The drive across I-40 was uneventful (read boring) with one stop in the flyspeck of Ludlow for a bathroom break. It had to be over 100 degrees and the RV tires were hotter than usual to touch. Then it was on to Barstow where I-40 ended and we took I-15 South. Near Barstow, the duns and greys of the Mojave gave way to green bushes.

In Victorville, we turned west on California 18, a roller coaster of a road, and then on to California 138. This stretch was marked by dust devils and innumerable Joshua trees. When we reached California 14, a very rough freeway, we drove southwest towards Santa Clarita with one more comfort stop. The last exit took us to Camping World, where we would be allowed to spend the night. After buying a few necessities, we decided the lot was too full of RV's for sale and moved on to a WalMart in Santa Clarita, within sight of the Six Flags/Magic Mountain location.

It was smoking hot so we went into air conditioned Wally World for water and then came back to the RV where I started the generator and roof A/C unit. Once I realized the air deflectors in the A/C unti were facing the wrong way and corrected the situation, things improved. Later, we went inside for supper at the Blimpie's counter and then came back out to enjoy the evening as soon as the sun went behind the mountain.

Sherm called Solvang and we will be able to check in tomorrow, one day early.

We talked today about how this trip has sucked as far as WiFi is concerned. None at the Gold Country Inn in Deadwood. None at the house in Kingman. One DSL line in Vegas. We have our suspicions about the motel in Solvang. On the other hand, it was a good trip to pioneer the air card on. It will be expensive, but worth it.

Today's Photos

Stockton Hill Road - Kingman Arizona

I-40 leaving Kingman

Our train photo of the day - BNSF westbound out of Kingman

Approaching California

No, we'll skip Bullhead City today

Another state line

Nice looking unit

Mojave landscape

I-40 isn't that interesting out here

Really not interesting

But there are mountains on the horizon

An sand dunes

Don't get excited, Ludlow is two gas station and a DQ

Volcanic rock

And burning gravel

Green bushes near Daggett

A blast from my past

Amidst all this desert, a snow capped peak

Typical Californian

Joshua tree

More Joshua trees

This was on full zoom, the mansion was way up there

Sandstone near California 14

Interesting formations

A masterpiece in brown and grey

Typical southern California highways

Six Flags/Magic Mountain near our WalMart

Idle coasters

A different WalMart exterior - Santa Clarita California

Evening in Santa Clarita California

Six Flags/Magic Mountain from our WalMart

The nomads make camp for the night

Today's Route (330 motorhome miles):

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