Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kingman Arizona

It was a slow Sunday today. As usual, the weather was great when we got up and we got on line for a while or read books until we started to feel hungry. Sherm took us over to the Rainbow Cafe where there were many tables available. The breakfast specials cut off at 10:00 AM and  we ordered at 9:57 plus the tables filled up as we were waiting for our food so our timing was perfect.

It wasn't too hot so, after we ate, we drove around looking at houses for sale. Not much struck Sherm's fancy so we returned to the house for a while. Then we went over to Ed an Carl's and watched the last laps of the NASCAR race in Michigan on there large flatscreen HD TV. I got another mediocre showing in our fantasy league but at least I beat Sherm:-)) Then we went to look at some more homes. I guided using the GPS and we found one of the Kingman high rent districts with some beautiful places. As we wound down to more reasonably priced neighborhoods, we saw one interesting property for sale by owner. Sherm called and the place seemed very nice but they were asking too much money. We wound up the expedition by going for more frozen yogurt.

Back at the house, I finally cut my hair and finished Book 11 of the Wheel of Time. Luckily, I have Book 12 with me. Sandy made supper with buns and leftover chicken and we watched a bit of TV before going to bed.

The quiet day was good. We will be on the road Tuesday heading for Solvang, California, the Aebleskiver Rally and more old and new friends.

By the way, it looks like the vegetation that bit me the other day isn't some form of cactus but a juvenile Joshua tree.

Today's Photos

Seen outside the Rainbow Cafe

This is a nice one

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