Monday, July 10, 2006

AOL Canada Sucks

First, a short note on how I didn't think I was going to get the blog posted for today. I took the computer out, fired it up and after Windows kicked in, I got the blue screen of death. After some cycling around, I did get a report that said I had a video adaptor problem. I got another that said to check recent installations so I went to the Control Panel and had a look.

To set the scene, I sent AOL Canada a message from home telling them to cancel my dial-up account. At Heather's last night, I logged into AOL on the notebook to see if they had responded in 24 hours as promised. No such luck. I shut down and that's the last time the computer worked. Now I see in the Control Panel that the miserable SOB's installed three programs when I logged in. The nefarious Quicktime was there as well as an AOL update and some fancy screen saver. There was no request or notification to me that they would be installed. The screen saver is probably the one that hacked the video settings although I have never trusted Quicktime either. To top it all off, the install dates were TOMORROW.

By means of a system restore and some messing with the advanced video settings, I got it working now. I can't say for sure that it will continue. Thanks AOL for screwing up my machine.

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