Saturday, July 08, 2006

Preparations For The California Trip

Tomorrow we head out for the next trip. The objective is to get out to Stockton California and spend a few days visiting Don 'Very Short Person' Inamasu. Don gets around and we've seen him various places over the last few years. From there, we'll head over on the 20th to Topaz Lake on the California/Nevada border south of Carson City for the High Sierra VROC gathering. On the Sunday, we'll hot foot it for home since our Freedom Rally here will be two weeks later and I am now the club treasurer.

Since this is a blitz with minimal sightseeing and long riding days, we're leaving the trailer at home and will motel it. I just changed the oil in the bike, and no other maintenance is needed right now. The rear tire finally got down to 4/32nds. The last Dunlop E3 lasted 14,000 kms after it got to 4/32nds and I am hoping this does the same. I'll be monitoring it daily and, if it goes away, we'll be looking for a shop on the road to replace it.

All we have to do now is pack. It will be in lean mode since we don't have the trailer. Now I'll be able to revive my old motto:

Pack light, ride hard and keep your eye on the horizon.

Tomorrow we'll ride to Parry Sound with the Freedom Riders for the monthly meeting and then will head on to Cambridge for an evening with the kids. Monday, the traveling will start in earnest. Stay tuned for further developments.

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