Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sudbury Ontario to Cambridge Ontario

We managed to pack everything and load the bike last night. In our lean, mean mode, we cut down on so much stuff that we had room to spare and started frantically checking to see if we had forgotten anything. Couldn't find anything missing.

The plan this morning was to meet the Freedom Riders at a south end Tim Hortons so we could ride the 100 miles south to Parry Sound where we would have lunch and hold our monthly meeting. At 8:00, some overcast rolled in and the weatherman predicted thunderstorms. Some phone calls ensued about whether to ride or not.

At Tim's, four bikes showed up. On the plus side, the overcast had broken and scattered clouds were all that threatened although a stiff west wind was blowing. Since there was only one executive present, the meeting was scrapped but the four elected to continue with the ride and lunch.

We headed south with Quicksilver in the lead. It was a pleasant ride and, by the time we stopped at Pointe Au Baril 75 miles south to meet Jack and Cathay (our Parry Sound members), it was hot and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. So much for the rain. Jack led us to The Whitfield, a small hotel on old Highway 69 south of Parry Sound. It has an outdoor deck overlooking a small lake, but we ate inside. The owners put on a spectacular buffet.

After lunch, we headed south alone. Traffic started building as we neared Barrie with Toronto people heading home from cottage country so we headed west on 89 to Alliston and south on the Tottenham Road. No traffic and some nice curves. As we went west again on Highway 9, a black cloud loomed ahead of us. Whichever way we went, the cloud was still in our path. Then, like many things we worry about in life, we got to it and nothing happened. We came out the other side dry and happy.

In Cambridge, we unloaded at Heather's apartment and then went over to Kim and Mike's house for a BBQ. It was an excellent spread. Many thanks to the chef and cheffette. Then we played a 90's version of Trivial Pursuit where the younger generation trashed us. I guess I missed that decade. Then back to Heather's where we trimmed Penny the guinea pig's claws and turned in for the night.

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