Monday, July 10, 2006

Cambridge Ontario to Ottawa Illinois

The rain had mostly let up by 9:00 AM this morning, so we took the gear down and loaded the bike. By the time we hit the road, wearing rain gear because the roads were still wet, it was 9:30. By the time we were 30 miles down the road, the pavement had dried up.

We took the 401 to London and the 402 to Sarnia because it is usually quicker to cross the Bluewater Bridge than the Ambassador. You'll note that I said 'usually'. Today we got to the line for the toll booths on the Canadian side. It wasn't a long line and we were about ten back but it became apparent that it was NOT MOVING. For some reason no one was being allowed onto the bridge. After twenty minutes or so, they started letting the trucks go, but we just sat there. The sun came out. It was getting hot. I said bad words. At least the pig truck finally left.

After another ten minutes or so, they started putting cars through again. We made it all the way to the top of the span before we came to another grinding halt. Anyone who knows my acrophobia would be surprised that sitting next to the edge of a very high bridge didn't bother me at all. It sure surprised me. And next to us, in the truck lane, was the Forsythe Racing car hauler which had Paul Tracy's cars in it. Cool.

With nothing else to do, I watched the line-ups to the Customs booths. Number 12 seemed to be moving faster than the rest so, when we finally got off the bridge, that is where I went. We got the eight cars ahead of me through in the time it took other lines to handle two. The young fellow in the booth asked where we were going and for how long. Then he asked if we were on vacation and I told him we were retired. He then said that the lady on the back of the bike must be my DAUGHTER! While I was working on some witty repartee and Sandy was giggling, he waved us through without even asking for ID.

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. Flint, Lansing, Gary Indiana and Chicago. The only place we actually stopped was at the toll booth leaving Chicago on 80, which was much better than our stop and go traverse through here last year. But there is still huge contruction going on.

We made it into Ottawa Illinois about 6:30 Central. Considering we left late and had the delay at the border, 560 miles wasn't bad. The tread depth gauge shows the tires are about the same as they were when we left home, so I am crossing my fingers that they hold up. It's a good sign, anyway.

We had supper at the nearby Cracker Barrel and then repaired to our room where I have been fighting with the infernal computer (thanks again, AOL) ever since. Now it's time for bed.

Oh yes, we fought big head winds all the way. Gas mileage sucked. Expect more of the same tomorrow.

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