Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stockton California - A Down Day

Today, we didn't leave Stockton. Sandy left with Don to take our laundry over to Leona's while I worked on a couple of days of Blogs. They came to get me for lunch at a Mexican Restaurant in downtown Stockton. Sandy has avoided Mexican in the past, but Don showed her some dishes that weren't spicy. Here we have Don's father Frank and Mom Leona, Sandy, Don and Michiko, a family friend. Michiko was born in Vancouver, grew up in Japan and then moved to the USA. She'll be going back to Japan in September to visit her mother, who is 102 years old.

After lunch, we drove around Stockton and visited some Hispanic stores, one big grocery and a small grocery in search of Jelly rolls. Then it was home for more blogging while Don worked on getting ready for High Sierra VROC.

Supper was at Carl Jr's, a hamburger chain I've never been in before.

This time in California has been very educational and enjoyable thanks to Don. His hospitality and tour guiding allowed us to see so much more than we would have been able to discover on our own. Thanks, Don, for everything.

Tomorrow we head over the Sierra's to Topaz Lake. Since the Topaz Lodge has still, apparently, not embraced the WiFi revolution, Blog updates may be sporadic for the next few days. If I am able to dial in to Carson City like I did last time, I'll be able to get the reports out. If not, I'll get them posted as soon as we get to a connection.

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