Monday, July 20, 2009

Around Waterloo (Van)

Heather and Sandy were up and off to Elmira for fittings and then on to other shopping. I did some blog work and worked on the new Freedom Riders website. That pretty much took care of the whole day.

In the evening, we drove over to Burlington to look at tents at the Mountain Equipment Co-op store. They have a lot of really nice gear. Most of it is aimed at hikers, climbers and cyclists but that is usually the type of camping equipment motorcyclists like. Compact, light and durable. Tom and Heather wanted a new tent and had one in mind. After discussing their situation with a very knowledgeable young lady (who had both arms covered with spectacular body art), they changed their mind.

Tent in hand, we planned to visit a St. Louis Bar & Grill. The GPS said there was one not far away but the address put us right into a residential area with no watering holes in sight. As we maneuvered and discussed our fall-back choice, we discovered it in the next block hiding in a mini-mall. Turning left into a side street, I nearly hit a bicycle crossing the intersection at speed while traveling the sidewalks. Scary. The rider doesn't have the best survival skills in the world. On the plus side, the food at the restaurant was good enough that I expect we'll visit one again.

From there, it was straight back to Heather and Tom's and early to bed.

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Anonymous said...

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