Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Day After Dover

Cambridge Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

The weather was OK this morning but there was rain forecast. We packed up and headed over to Kim and Mike's where they were having an all day BBQ. We would have to leave before too long since I had organized a Freedom Riders ride to Manitoulin Island the next day out of Sudbury.

Tom and Heather showed up with the Wii. Kim and Mike played and Sandy asked if we could put one in our budget. Interesting, since she normally doesn't like video games.

We left about noon. I hoped I saw a possible gap in the rain up north on the weather radar. Turns out I was wrong. No big surprise there. It started raining in Caledon and continued almost all the way to Sudbury. Some places it was drizzle, but in other places it was hard enough to limit visibility. I found the new front tire slips on tar snakes in corners in the rain. Good thing it grabs when it meets asphalt again. I'll have to watch this in the future. We got home about 6:00.

My damn microphone stopped working again. I later found it wasn't the cords but rather the plug inside the helmet liner. All is fixed now.

One comment on the weekend. Several times we got into lines of cars behind a driver who was moving exceptionally slowly. On every occasion, when I got by them, they had a cell phone stuck in their ear. Some people shouldn't be allowed to do this. But then some people shouldn't be allowed to drive, either.

All in all, it was another good ride.

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