Friday, July 27, 2007

WWR Colorado Trip Day 7 - Some People Pictures

These are some photos of the people who were at WWR on Friday.

Phin, Tobey, The Lovely Carlene and Willie Wonka behind Sandy at the Fat Cat Cafe

Biker and Abby Normal chow down at the Fat Cat

Don (VSP) napping in our room

John Hanneman, Solo and El Nomad checking out the finer points of a Nomad

Ed Wing, Marlene, Scotty, Bucky (Hail Mary), Sandy, Corvette and Sherm at the Bluebird

Slammer is looking pensive (or possibly stuffed)

Stewey playing with Sherm's new camera as he and John H. look on

Borys (aka Deerslayer) talking to Melanie and Jamey
This was Melanie's first trip on her now famous purple 500 Vulcan

Bucky pulled together shelter, tables, chairs and a meal out of thin air
Here Wonka and Carlene serve the masses

Don, a Kiwi traveling with Gavin The Eskimo is Jazzman's neighbor

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VROC #5569-r said...

Hey you took advantage of me whilst I was dozing.