Sunday, July 01, 2007

The French Connection Rally - Sunday

There were no loud voices this morning. I awoke to a cool, overcast day at about 8:00 AM. Even later than usual. While I wandered over to the building for breakfast, Sandy had an Oatmeal To Go bar. Then we spent some more time talking and visiting as the temperature got cooler.

Mike, who goes by the nickname RCAF, dropped by to visit from Ottawa. Mike is a military firefighter and rides a well equipped Vulcan 1500 A. I'd never met him face-to-face before since we didn't make it to Lugnut's Indiana Rally which he attended.

There were a number of motorcycle games held in the field. It started raining and we took advantage of sitting inside the hall and watching through the window. The rest of the day was spent hanging out until supper. We played a card game called Skip-Bo that Terry and Patsy had brought. I wasn't doing very well at it, but Julie picked it up right away.

Supper consisted of spaghetti, beans, coleslaw and cake. There was more than enough for everybody. Then they passed out the awards (Waterloo Wings won for largest club). At the end, Jules announced that there probably wouldn't be a rally next year since many of the club members wanted to go to Nova Scotia for the Bluenose Rally. There were many tears since this would be the end of a Canada Day tradition that extends back to 1981. After supper, Terry and Patsy pulled out to go and spend the night at their daughter's house the other side of Ottawa.

A group went into Rockton to see the fireworks as darkness fell. Others of us chose to hang out in the round house instead. The fireworks fans returned raving about how good they were. We talked some more, and Mike and Adele Bossio, Jacques and I were the last to turn in about midnight.

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