Friday, July 20, 2007

WWR - Colorado Bound

Wolfman's Wandering Rally starts in Grand Lake Colorado next Thursday. We have been getting ready to head out for a couple of days now.

Got the cash. Checked the tires and oil. Checked the tire pressure gauge (something I've been meaning to do) and it agreed with the new gauge. Cleaned the crud off the front rim. Wiped the bike down. Took the Honda and 30th Anniversary badges off the front and back of the bike. Tightened loose nuts on the Baker Wings. Programmed the GPS.Loaded new tunes. Packed all the gear except for a few minor things that need to stay out until tomorrow. Put key numbers in the cellphone.

All I need to do now is do the updates and transfer my live files to the little notebook computer.

There are six of us leaving town on five bikes at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. Biker, Abby Normal, Sandy and I are Colorado bound, while Terry (on his pristine '99 Valk) will ride out a couple of days and then head back home and Leo (on his R1150RS) will ride part of tomorrow with us.

Since tomorrow is Saturday, we booked rooms at the Countryside Inn in Prentice, Wisconsin, about 540 miles out. The route after that is negotiable but we plan to be in Colorado Springs on Tuesday for Eric's get together.

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DougD said...

Smooth roads and no speed traps for you trip.
When is Leo heading back?
Ride safe see you when you get back.