Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wolfman's Wandering Rally Wrap-up

This was a great gathering. The weather could have co-operated a little more, but the company was top knotch.

Thanks to Hail Mary "Bucky" Bucholtz for all the great work she did in spearheading this. Thanks also to the Colorado VROCers who helped and to Eric "El Nomad" Larsen for hosting the pre-WWR BBQ in Colorado Springs. My hat is off to all who contributed to this great success.

Special thanks to Willie "Wonka" Kohlenberger and his wife, the Lovely Carlene. Sharing the room at the Bluebird with you was a pleasure.

A number of people have posted Blogs and photos on the event and I thought it would be good to share them with you.

Sherm's Blog:

ZMean One and Thrillseeker's Blog:

El Nomad's Blog

Cheap Bastard's Blog

Rubbergator's Blog:

Malachi and Corvette's Pictures:

Stewey's Pictures:

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