Monday, July 02, 2007

The Ride Home From Ottawa

Rockton Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

We broke camp under heavy dew. Jack's Harley wouldn't start and it took a few of us to push it up onto his trailer for his trip home. I cut my finger trying to get the tent poles stowed in their storage box. Good thing I won band-aids. We had coffee and muffins as everyone was saying good-bye and getting ready to leave.

We headed home travelling with Ray Albert and his Wing. Clouds started to build around Pembroke, where we stopped at the Big Irving for gas. Many of the pumps were out of order so it didn't go as smoothly as it could have. Near Pembroke, we were following cars behind a 5th wheel when one of them lost his senses and passed with oncoming traffic. I'll give the oncoming driver credit for getting over on the shoulder and avoiding a head on collision.

We passed many bikes heading east. Looks like they were coming back from New Liskeard where they must have had an excellent turnout. In the picnic area near Deux Rivieres, we encountered two bikes from Quebec. A Yamaha was towing a Lees-ure Lite like ours and a BMW RT was towing a HiCo, something I haven't seen before. This is a side opener based on the old Fibco we had in the 80's and 90's, but built from aluminum and newer fabric. I really liked our old trailer, but the new ones are pretty pricey.

We had a bite at the North Bay McD's after fueling up. The construction towards Sudbury was complete and I have to extend kudos to Miller Paving for a job well done. We caught some showers coming in but nothing serious and arrived home about 3:00 PM.

The trailer was set up to dry and the awning and fly were spread out downstairs to dry since the trailer wouldn't be used for another month. All in all, another good weekend in the books.

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