Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eureka Springs Arkansas

The day dawned clear. Lucky Al was going to lead a ride to the Burger Barn, an exercise that has met with limited success in the past due to Al's ongoing feud with his GPS. This time, he set out at the head of about a dozen bikes. We and Sherm were near the front but, as we approached Berryville, Sandy told me that she wasn't feeling well. Right after the group got split at a traffic light, we peeled off and turned around and Sherm came with us. The rest of the group missed where Al turned south on SR 21 (he was standing on the side of the road waving but they didn't recognize him) so, after only a few miles, his group had decreased from twelve bikes to two. Including him. A new record. The rest of the group made it to the Burger Barn via the alternate route and arrived safely a bit later than planned.

The three of us went back to Walmart and got few more supplies. Then we returned to the Inn and kicked back for a while. Some of us got into the pool and we just hung out in the lot. Mitch had left his Mean Streak in the lot and parties unknown had some fun with it.

Sherm checking out the pool

Relaxing by the pool

Tent caterpillars have been heavy this year

Jamey T

Sherm's usual pose

For supper, Condi arranged a discount at the Forest Hill Restaurant just up the road. Sandy and I ate there years ago when we stayed over an extra day at the Iron Horse. Most of us walked although a few took their bikes. The buffet was good and reasonably priced even before the discount.

Walking back from the Forest Hill Restaurant

Carolyn's Ozark Swiss Inn

Hanging out  at the Inn

Sandy and Penmaker

Grampa D, Jamey T and Jerry

After supper, Condi was trying to put together a group to go and see the Ozark Mountain Hoedown just up the road the other way, and had arranged another discount. Sherm, Lucky Al, Cassie, Sandy and I decided to join her. We were surprised when we first pulled in and saw the tour bus we had met back at the McDonald's in St. Clair. And some of the people remembered us. They were a Lutheran church group from southern Illinois and were heading home the next day.

It was a small show with music and comedy. Leslie Wright, the female singer, was great and the show was entertaining. P Nutt, the alter ego to the George Brother on lead guitar, tended to single out people in the audience and got most of us by the time was over. At the end, Sherm recognized the lady at the front of the house as someone he and Pat had seen often in Branson thirty years ago and really liked.

Missouri Lutherans and Ron the bus driver (in yellow)

The bus

After the show, we headed back to the Inn and hung out in the lot for the rest of the evening. The wild women were into their traditional secret drinking rituals but no animals were harmed. It wasn't too late when we called it a night and went to bed.

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