Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RIP Kilo and Chuck

Mark 'Kilo' Irwin - Garner, North Carolina

As mentioned in the last post, our friend Mark 'Kilo' Irwin of North Carolina suffered a fatal cardiac arrest while riding to visit a friend. Sandy and I first met Kilo at our first VROC rally in Suches, Georgia in 1999. That was where he also met Susie, aka Babe-In-The-Wind, who would become his bride. We crossed paths many times since then.

Mark was a soft-spoken man who didn't strive to be the centre of attention but always left an impression.

Chuck Burt - Round Rock, Texas

Chuck Burt was in a fatal wreck on his way back from Oregon. Word has it that he was 15 miles from home when he hit a slow moving aggregate truck that had just pulled out onto the highway. His OTI blog is one of the ones I linked to. We said goodbye Saturday night because he was turning in early for the long ride home and I thought of him more than once during the last few days. I credit the 'See gas, buy gas' rule to him. His signature cowboy hat was always a pleasure to see at any gathering, and he was at a lot of them.

Two friends in one day. This hasn't been a good one.

Sherm put together a Blog for Chuck and Kilo. Thanks, Sherm.

So long, old friends. We're going to miss both of you.

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